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Curriculum Vitae

"Please read carefully for each question before filling the form."

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Personal Detail
  1. 1. Full name
  2. 2. Status
  3. 3. Purpose of Applying
  4. 4. Gender
  5. 5. Date of Birth
  6. 6. Religion
  7. 7. Marital Status
  8. 8. Driving License (SIM)
  9. 9. Current Address
  10. City
  11. Province
  12. Postal Code
  13. 10. Phone Number
  14. Home  
    * Isi dengan kode area (Contoh: 021xxxxxxxx)
  16. Mobile
  17. 11. Email Address
  18. 12. Facebook
  19. 13. Twitter
  20. 14. Instagram
  21. 15. Web/Personal Blog
  22. 16. Height
  23. cm
  24. 17. Weight
  25. kg
  26. 18. Where did you find information about job vacancies at Nutrifood
  • 1. Parents Name
  • 2. Address
  • 3. Occupation
  • 4. Brothers & Sisters
  • Full Name Age Address Occupation
Educational Background

"Please write your latest education first. For example: if you hold (or in the process of getting) a bachelor degree, please fill your S1 education first then your High School)".

"Please write your High School as the last education information. Do not provide your Junior High School, Elementary School, or even Kindergarten education."

  • Degree
  • Period
  • -
  • School/Institution/Univ.
  • Major
  • Specialization
  • GPA/Grade
  • out of
  • * Contoh: 3 out of 4
Informal Education
  • Course
  • Institution
Organizational Experiences

"Please write your organizational experiences starting from Bachelor/Diploma degree only (do not write your High/Junior High/Elementary School organizational experiences)."

"Please write your organization name in 'Organization' column instead of your division/department/section name. Specify your division/department/section in 'Position'."

"Please choose Regional/University or National in 'Organizational Level' column if your organization is affiliated with bigger international organization. For example: AIESEC

"Please do not write Lecturer/Lab. Assistant or internship as Organizational Experiences, write them on Working Experiences."

  • Organization or Committee
  • Period
  • -
  • Organization
  • Organization Level
  • Position
  • Position Level
Achievements/ Honor/ Distinction

"Please write your achievements/honor/distinction from competition or main award event only. Do not write award for attendance/participation in seminar/training here."

"Please do not fill the form if you are only participating in competition and not getting any result."

"Please do not write Dean's List or High GPA here since it is confirmed in your Educational Background. But if you are The Best Graduate, you can write it here."

"If you want to add scholarship on this section, please write merit-based scholarship only instead of financial-based scholarship."

  • Year
  • Award Giver/Institution Name
  • Level
  • Achievement/Honor/Distinction
  • Title
Working Experiences
  • Period
  • -
  • Company
  • Position
  • Job Description
  • Salary
  • Reason of Leaving
Your Interests
  • Position you want to apply
  • * please see current opportunities for specific position or fill with your interest field (marketing/HR/IT/R&D/others)
  • Expected salary
Are You Willing To
  • Travel
  • Be located in Jakarta
  • Be located in any places in Indonesia outside Jakarta
  • Be located outside Indonesia
  • Be placed in mall
  • Working by shift
  • Working on weekend/holiday
  • Do you smoke?
  • Would you be willing to quit smoking when you become an employee of Nutrifood?

Notes About You
  • About You
  • *Please describe other information about you in this column.
    Ex.: your personality, your language ability, other personal particulars, why do you have any interest in Nutrifood, or anything that you think we need to know about you.

Tanya Jawab
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*I hereby certify that all information supplied by me is true and correct. Should untruths be discovered during my employment in any position in this company, I fully agree to being immediately dismissed for just cause.
* All data that you fill here will be automatically sent to our email. Please provide all the data correctly. Thank you!