Our Business

For 40 years, we have been committed to inspire and foster a healthy and joyful life, both physically and mentally, through our very own distinctive and premium brands: Tropicana Slim, NutriSari, WRP, L-Men, HiLo, and W’dank, as well as related services and programs. Founded in Semarang, Indonesia, Nutrifood has been distributing the products all across more than 30 countries.

Our business is developed based on scientific knowledge. We believe prevention is better than cure, therefore through Nutrifood Research Center, together with the academic community, we shall continuously search for more knowledge and findings, in order to inspire healthier society by managing sugar, salt and fat intake (#BatasiGGL).

Our "Second Home"

For us, our office is our "second home" (Rumah Kedua). Every bit is designed to create the feeling of being at home, where we are comfortable, mostly creative, and where we could have the positive mood of collaboration. Just as at home, we value honesty, integrity, and also respect differences, so that everyone could focus and strive for excellence.

Our second home also encourages everyone to eat and exercise well, to act an environmental-friendly attitude, and to bring-forth the spirit of youth, with which we believe can contribute very well to growth and innovation.

Our Contribution

We are eager to be a part of global movement in achieving Sustainable Development Goals, primarily by contributing to people’s wellness. We actively collaborate with multiple stakeholders, including government, communities, and media, in spreading the practice of healthy lifestyle, implementing an eco-friendly business practice, and empowering youth as future leaders. To support the collaboration, we offer our Nutrifood Inspiring Center as a co-working space for communities and other relevant stakeholders. Kindly check Our Blog for more details on our contributions.